Dear Mr. Oler,

You may be anxious to find some (or any) dirt on the Young campaign, but this is not it. The pictures and text below are demo content that was not uploaded or created by the Young campaign and is leftover from a fitness website template that this website was created from. This page is not accessible in the navigation and could only be found by excessive snooping. The gibberish text is called ‘lorem ipsum’ and anyone intelligent enough to find non-public links on a website should know it is filler text auto-generated by computers.

If you’d like to talk real issues instead of digging for non-existent dirt, why don’t we talk about why you’re serving as the Democratic Party Chair and what you really believe? If you really have an issue you want addressed, please contact our campaign directly instead of posting a backroom Facebook ‘gotcha’. You have our number 🙂

Yours truly,

Young Campaign Website Designer

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