In 2020, as COVID-19 became prevalent, many leftist groups threatened to sue Idaho schools and businesses for remaining open to the public, adding substantial strain to an economy already struggling to provide necessary basic services.  Many businesses began calling for the passage of liability immunity legislation to protect them from COVID-19 related actions.  At the same time, many feared that the granting of legal immunity for all COVID-19 related actions would lead to abuses and a break-down in accountability, adding insult to injury.  The governor called a special session to address the issue.  Citizens flooded the capitol, and the legislature found itself in the crosshairs of a very heated political debate.  

In a very tense environment, I successfully negotiated The Idaho Liability Immunity Act, which effectively resolved the most significant concerns of the opposing parties by providing limited immunity, specifically against lawsuits related to the transmission of COVID-19.  This garnered broad support among the people who agreed that no one should be liable for the transmission of a virus no one can see or control.  It also provided relief to businesses and schools, allowing them the legal protection they needed to continue providing services.

In 2018 a liberal federal judge imposed on Idaho a policy of issuing birth certificates with amended sex upon request. In 2020, I sponsored House Bill 509, requiring that Idaho certificates of birth accurately reflect facts and providing a legal definition of biological sex. Contrary to leftist press reporting, this legislation has not been ruled unconstitutional. Rather, an activist judge has enjoined its enforcement without reviewing or ruling on the law.  While not currently enforced, the success and subsequent signing into law by Idaho’s governor of H509 provides an important foundation for future arguments. The legal battle to effectively maintain accuracy in public records and honor biological differences between males and females continues. 

Idaho’s constitutional carry provisions lacked clarity after years of subtle additions, leaving confusing exceptions based on age and location within or without city limits. H206 and H516 removed these exceptions, uniformly protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of all legal adults everywhere in the state of Idaho.

Previously, information regarding one’s biological parents has been withheld from individuals who were put up for adoption, even after the individual became a legal adult. I reached across the aisle to work with John McCrostie (D – Mountain Home), who was himself an adoptee, to make legal records available to adult persons requesting them. This legislation ensures that all future Idaho adoptees will have access to the personal birth records which have previously been sealed.

In partnership with women’s basketball coach and fellow legislator Barbara Ehardt (R – Idaho Falls), this legislation requires that individuals compete in sports according to the biological sex on their birth certificate, ensuring fairness regarding biological competitive advantages.

I co-sponsored this legislation, which made the performance of an elective abortion in the state of Idaho a criminal action, effective 30 days after a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. I’m honored to see this legislation now in force protecting the sanctity of life.

This legislation absolved school district of obligations to pay on financial contracts with K-12 database providers if those providers were notified of pornographic material on their database and the failed to adequately address the problem. By this law, school districts are empowered to keep educational content in online databases age-appropriate for children.

This legislation implemented Idaho’s first ever state-wide audit to verify accuracy of electronic ballot machine results.  This randomized audit is now required to be conducted by the Idaho Secretary of State each election cycle.

This legislation gained broad support and appropriately limited offensive practices in education, including the use of intimidation or indoctrination to compel students to affirm discriminatory, race-based narratives like Critical Race Theory. 

Political subdivisions in Idaho, such as cities or school districts, are regulated under state law when they enter into a contract with a construction manager who will oversee the design and the build of their project. Prior state law was ambiguous and lacking on a number of counts. This law clarified and improved the state requirements, ensuring taxpayer dollars are used wisely.

Idaho was one of a handful of states that originally incorporated language directly from the Roe v. Wade ruling into our state law.  This language listed reasons that abortion is justified, including reasons as subjective as that the baby might be unwanted or cause stress.  H521 removed this language from state law in anticipation of a time (now arrived) when the Idaho legislature could enact law much more reflective of the pro-life, pro-family values of Idahoans.  

Rumor Mill Responses - are these real?

Absolutely not! Both my mother and mother-in-law have degrees in education and taught in public schools. I chose to get my degree in education and maintained a teaching certificate for many years.

I have great respect for the incredible efforts of teachers and school staff who do so much to help Idaho kids. I support legislation that will actually increase pay for long-term school employees and improve education for children.

Absolutely not! Both my parents and parents-in-law grew up farming. Our family has a hobby farm and a large greenhouse and my kids have grown up milking cows and working potato harvest.

My pro-ag work in the legislature is evident in my Farm Bureau score, the highest of any legislator in our legislative delegation. I have received the prestigious ‘Friend of Agriculture Award’ every legislative term and many of my biggest supporters are local farmers.

Absolutely not! My father is a retired family practice physician and I grew up working at the Blackfoot Medical Clinic. My husband works at a local hospital providing mental health care. My oldest son is just completing his master’s degree as a nurse practitioner. My youngest brother is a nurse anesthetist, my sister-in-law is an OB-GYN faculty member at Utah State University, and another sister-in-law delivers babies at a local hospital as a midwife.

The medical community is a big part of our life and I am committed to making the best decisions possible for patients and healthcare employees. 

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