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We have lived in the Groveland area for nearly 20 years where we own a small hobby farm that includes Jersey cows, a colorful flock of chickens, and a geothermal greenhouse. Our family loves to work hard, play hard, hike and camp, make beautiful music, and participate in theater productions. We are thankful for each of our precious, unique children!

I have grown up and raised my family right here in Bingham County. My parents, Richard and Kerma Hill, moved to the Blackfoot area when I was 7 and I grew up attending school in the Snake River School District. After graduating from Snake River High School I met and married Kevin Young, son of Kenneth and Evelyn Young, also from Blackfoot. My parents taught me to work hard, carefully analyze information and ideas, pursue my dreams with a passion, and fearlessly stand up for truth.

I am an avid student of the principles of government contained in our founding documents and in the stories, writing and philosophy of those who have shaped America.

I understand that, as a citizen in a free and self-governing nation I am responsible for the things that happen in government. It is MY job to be informed and involved. My interest is not in any particular office or position, but in supporting and defending the Constitutional principles of government which have historically made our nation the most free and prosperous nation on earth.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Idaho State University. As a mother, I have applied what I learned in many ways including homeschooling my own children. Our children have learned the value of academic excellence. Through high school we’ve explored a variety of public, online, and private education options, each child finding their preference. Our three oldest sons have attended BYU-Idaho on academic scholarships. Our oldest daughter is serving an LDS mission in Reno, Nevada, and our fourth son just graduated high school.

Four years ago I chose to run on the conviction that we need people in office who will speak up for family values. I’m not a career politician looking for a job or something to make my busy life as a mom even crazier. I care deeply about the well-being of our community and I know our welfare is best protected when constitutional rights are protected and legislation is in line with true principles and moral values.

  • The Idaho Vital Statistics Act (ensuring that certificates of birth accurately reflect facts)
  • The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (ensuring that females are not forced to compete unfairly against biological males)
  • Simon’s Law (ensuring that critical care can’t be withdrawn from a child without parental notification and the opportunity to transfer care)
  • The Abortion Trigger Bill (prohibiting elective abortion, now effective after the overturning of Roe v. Wade)
  • The Safe Schools Database Act (empowering schools to address pornographic material found in online library resources our K-12 students use).

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"This county needs someone who will study the issues and stand up for correct principles without any thought towards special interest groups or special lobbies. Julianne Young is that person. She has no special interests behind her. She is the epitome of what a conservative southeast Idaho mother should be."
Dr. Kirt McKinley

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