Promises Made, Promises Kept!

Two years ago I was honored to be elected to serve as the state representative for Bingham County.  It has been an incredible experience for me and my family.  I ran as a pro-family, pro-life candidate who promised to stand up for moral values, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. I’m here to report on my promises. Here’s my record:


Proactively worked to support Idaho families and students by:

✔️ Sponsoring The Safe Schools Database Act empowering schools to address pornographic material found in online library resources used by our K-12 students

✔️ Sponsoring The Idaho Vital Statistics Act requiring that birth certificates accurately record biological sex and other vital facts

✔️ Supporting the Fairness in Women's Sports Act ensuring that females are not forced to compete unfairly against
biological males

* HB500, 509, 522


Consistently voted down red tape for Idaho citizens, including:

Idaho Daycares • Retail Establishments • Landlords • Medical Providers • Pharmacists • Chiropractors • Nursing Home Administrators • Midwives • Physicians Assistants • Building Inspectors • Sign Language Interpreters • Food Establishments • Barbers • School Administrators • High School Students • Electricians • Optometrists • Automobile dealers and salespersons • Medication Assistants • Morticians • Driving Schools • Cosmetologists • Real Estate Agents • Hunters • Plumbers • Psychologists

*HB108, 595, 317, 538, 151, 312, 8, 333, 9, 385, 7, 419, 422, 5, 424, 515, 478, 316, 545, 22, SB1058, 1060, 1138, 1259, 1053, 1305


Stood for fiscal responsibility and conservatism by voting to:

✔️ Cut state budget by over 20 million dollars in the year 2020
✔️ Freeze property taxes for one year to bring stakeholders to the table
✔️ Decrease fees to access public records
✔️ Cut budgets for Dep of Administration
✔️ Cut budgets for Dep of Health and Welfare
✔️ Stop expensive 2.15 Million Lava Hot Springs Renovation
✔️ Stop the increase of taxpayer dollars going to fund PBS

* HB15, 409, 412 579, 557, 537,
Senate Bill 1352


A variety of organizations provide legislative scorecards to help voters know how their elected officials are voting! I’m proud to report that all of these scorecards show that I have a consistent record of standing up for conservative values, small business, agriculture, the rights of the unborn, and our 2nd Amendment rights.

Organization Score Link
Idaho Farm Bureau Association ‘Friend of Agriculture’ Award + 100% Score 🔗
Food Producers of Idaho ‘Ag All-Star’ Award 🔗
Idaho Water Users’ Association 100% Score 🔗
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance 100% Score 🔗
American Conservative Union ‘Award for Conservative Achievement’ 🔗
National Rife Association (NRA) Endorsed + ‘A’ Score 🔗
Family Policy Alliance Endorsed 🔗
National Federation of Independent Business Endorsed 🔗
Idaho Freedom Foundation ‘A’ Score 🔗
Idaho Chooses Life Endorsed

Today, I stand on my record.

At the close of the 2019 session, I spearheaded the formation of a state-wide pro-family coalition, Protect Idaho Families. Together our coalition identified 9 legislative priorities for 2020. All but two of these saw legislative action and five of the nine are now signed into Idaho law including:

  • The Idaho Vital Statistics Act (ensuring that certificates of birth accurately reflect facts)
  • The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (ensuring that females are not forced to compete unfairly against biological males)
  • Simon’s Law (ensuring that critical care can’t be withdrawn from a child without parental notification and the opportunity to transfer care)
  • The Abortion Trigger Bill (prohibiting elective abortion, effective upon the overturning of Roe v. Wade)
  • The Safe Schools Database Act (empowering schools to address pornographic material found in online library resources our K-12 students use).

I carried two of these five and supported from the side-lines on others. I believe this was the best session we have ever had for advancing family policy issues.

I also co-sponsored two bills which successfully removed confusing exceptions from Idaho’s Constitutional Carry statute, printed several bills (which I will continue to work on) aimed at reducing the out-of-control costs of public construction, and laid the groundwork for a project to address sage grouse and the preservation of grazing rights.

When faced with tough decisions, I put the interests of tax payers and voters ahead of the interests of lobby groups and government. I believe that good government serves the people and respects their needs, not vice versa. I have consistently voted for less regulation.

I have worked hard to keep you informed and to address your concerns. I have earned the respect of my legislative peers as someone who studies and understands the issues and gained a reputation for being one of the hardest working legislators in Boise.

I have proactively kept the promises I made, and I will continue to do so.

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