A Note to My Friends in Agriculture

Standing Up for Freedom/Standing Up for You

This post is especially for my friends in agriculture.  My Democrat opponent, Travis Oler, dishonestly claims that I am against agriculture.  His proof– that I opposed the ‘Right to Repair’ bill in committee.  Please allow me to explain what happened with the Right to Repair bill.

This bill came to my committee late in the session when there wasn’t much time to fine-tune things.  It had some serious issues.  It included a mandate for government price-fixing for private industry which we have never done in state law ever before.  It also had constitutional issues related to patents that the bill’s sponsor bluntly acknowledged.  There were enough problems with this bill that not one single committee member even made a motion to send it to the House floor for a vote.  

The only question considered by the committee was whether we should try to send the bill to General Orders or whether we should hold it in committee. Either option showed a lack of support for the bill as it was then written.  General Orders is kind of a ‘Hail Mary’ type move, especially late in the session.  Given the significant problems with the bill and the complexity of the issue, I preferred to see it held in committee so that the issue could be more carefully addressed.  When this motion failed, I also supported (along with the clear majority of the committee) the motion to send the bill to General Orders.  From this point forward, it was up to the bill sponsor to make the needed changes, coordinate the amendment process, and move the bill forward.  The legislature saw no further action on it.   My votes reflect my commitment to seeing that legislation is well written and that important, unanimously acknowledged concerns get addressed.  This was not an anti-farmer position. 

You may review the committee minutes here: https://legislature.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/sessioninfo/2020/standingcommittees/200220_henv_0130PM-Minutes.pdf

I want farmers to know that I am on top of this issue.  I have visited with Bryan Searle, president of the Idaho Farm Bureau.  I have also spent time visiting with our local machinery manufacturers like Spudnik.  Pushing through a bill that hurts companies like Spudnik could ultimately hurt farmers as well.  We are already in the process of moving forward in a way that takes into consideration the big picture and the needs of farmers.  Working together with divergent interests to find a principled solution is one of my strengths.  

Contrary to what my Democrat opponent Mr. Oler claims, there is nothing anti-farmer about me.  I have a great relationship with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation which endorses me, has donated to my campaign, and awarded me a ‘Friend of Agriculture Award’.  I have a 100% A+ voting record on issues that the Farm Bureau identified as being important to farmers.  I was also awarded an Ag All Star Award from the Food Producers this last year. 

As your representative, I proactively support agriculture and the values of the farming community.  I am an independent, self-reliant, country-to-the-core kind of person, and my record shows it.  I ask for your vote this next Tuesday.  Please cast your vote based on my tangible record rather than my opponent’s false narrative.  I am more than happy to answer questions.  Please contact me with your questions or concerns.  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to visit.

Kind regards,

Representative Julianne Young

+1 208-643-3949

Hot Issues


Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Bill

Current Idaho law mandates that anyone who suspects child abuse report that abuse and assigns a criminal penalty as a misdemeanor for failure to do so. There are some issues with this requirement, one of which is the freedom of speech. This criminal penalty compels speech. Individuals aren’t required to to testify even against themselves, which is why someone may say ‘I plead the fifth’. This penalty has never been enforced, and I believe that individuals who choose to report child abuse should do so because they believe it is the best way to benefit the child involved. I joined 25 other conservative republicans to support removing the penalty from this section of state code.

Raising Starting Teacher Pay Bill

House Bill 153 increased teacher pay, but only for beginning teachers. I voted against this bill on the principle that if we are to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, those taxpayer dollars should be used to reward teachers who stay for a long time and contribute to our school districts and classrooms. I don’t think it’s right to create a situation where new teachers are getting paid more than their peers who have stayed and contributed for much longer.

Medical Debt Collection Fees Bill

House Bill 515, the mis-named ‘Patient Protection’ act, didn’t actually do anything to reduce costs for patients but instead added a significant regulatory burden to health care providers and undermined the ability of medical providers to collect payments from patients who owe a bill and repeatedly refuse to pay it.
I will gladly supported legislation that uses free market principles to reduce regulation and costs, or increases up front transparency for patients. Unfortunately, this bill did neither of those things. Instead, it created new rules that make it more difficult for medical providers to collect payments from those who do not pay their bills. Adding burdensome regulation, interfering with the market, and undermining the due process rights of medical providers is not the right way to solve this problem! The end results of this bill will be that providers will be less willing to extend credit and those who DO pay their bills will end up picking up the slack for those who don’t.


What is your stance on property taxes?

Government has grown at 2.5x the rate of our economy over the last 20 years! I have supported reforms to our property tax system and efforts to ensure that voters have an opportunity to support or oppose the taxes that they will be paying. I ran as a fiscal conservative and stood with a supermajority (2/3) of the Idaho house this last session to freeze the increase of property taxes and send a strong message to our taxing districts that Idaho taxpayers need a change! Unfortunately, the bill was defeated in the Senate. Some are offended that I voted against raising your taxes! If elected representatives are to be blackballed for refusing to increase taxes, it’s no wonder our tax burden keeps climbing. You can count on me to continue to advocate for fiscal conservative policy.

Do you support Idaho farmers?

Absolutely, and my record proves it! The Farm Bureau puts together a scorecard that shows how legislators have voted on issues important to farmers. My score was a 100%. I’ve also been honored to receive the Farm Bureau ‘Friend of Agriculture’ award and the Food Producers ‘Ag All-Star Award’. I’m proud to support Idaho agriculture!

Still have questions?

Come to a meet and greet, call and talk with Julianne, a campaign committee member, or send us an email!