Julianne YOUNG is Solidly Pro-Agriculture

Both of my parents grew up on farms and my favorite memories growing up are of time on their farms.  The work ethic and values of the agricultural community are foundational in our family culture and our kids can milk cows, move pipe, and weed gardens with the best of them!  We love the lessons, the beauty, and the self-sufficiency that comes with being connected to the land.

During my time in the legislature I have worked hard to represent local constituents in addressing water issues, to be sensitive to the needs of ranchers and farmers, and to work closely with the Idaho Farm Bureau on issues.  This hard work is evident in my 100% Farm Bureau voting record, my ‘Friend of Agriculture Award’, and my Ag All Star Award from the Food Producers of Idaho.  I am also endorsed by the Idaho Farm Bureau.  It has been a pleasure to work with and for Idaho’s agricultural community!

Julianne YOUNG is Solidly Pro-Life

As the mother of ten beautiful children, I am solidly pro-life. When my 6th child was born 2 ½ months early and then suffered a major brain hemorrhage which left doctors questioning whether he would ever walk or talk, my family and I fought to keep him alive, giving him the opportunity to grow and develop to his maximum capacity. Today, he is a happy, healthy, active 14-year-old.

As your state representative, I will always defend the right of pre-born children to life and will work to see that mothers have access to life-affirming healthcare and counseling.

Julianne YOUNG is Solidly Pro-Family

I have dedicated my life to the ideal of family. I believe that strong families are the most important and only real answer to many of the social, educational, and economic issues we face. Families are the fundamental unit of society. With 25+ years of marriage behind me, I know firsthand the happiness that comes from a marriage between a man and a woman who are committed to one another and to caring for and raising children. Because my husband is a mental health provider and counselor, I am also keenly aware of the harsh reality that no government system, no matter how well-intentioned, can ever outperform the family.

You can count on me to always defend the central role of the family in society, and to oppose any efforts to undermine parental rights.

Julianne YOUNG Supports the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

The right to keep and bear arms is not just intended for an occasional hunting trip. I believe that every person has a fundamental right to the protection of life and property, even by force when necessary. In situations where the threat of gun violence becomes more prevalent, the right of individuals to keep and bear arms becomes more vital and evident than ever.

As your state representative, you can depend on me to energetically oppose any efforts to demonize or infringe on the second amendment rights of all Idahoans.

Julianne YOUNG Supports Quality Education

I believe that quality education is the result of an environment where parents and educators have the maximum ability to directly address the real needs of children. With a bachelor’s degree in education and nearly two decades of experience as a successful home educator, I understand that just throwing more money and regulations at education is not the answer.

All good education strengthens families and encourages self-discipline. The hyper-sexualization of children has no place in Idaho’s education system.

I am committed to maintaining the moral integrity of educational content, minimizing regulation and red-tape, seeing that state funding directly benefits classrooms, and supporting state policies that are friendly to educational innovation and options for all families.

Julianne YOUNG Defends Private Property Rights

Private property rights are the cornerstone of a free society and the real source of economic prosperity. It is the ability of individuals to innovate and use personal property to pursue economic endeavors that has historically made America the most successful and prosperous nation on earth.

As your state representative, I will continue to be a staunch advocate for private property rights and for policies that
allow business endeavors to proceed in a reasonable and minimally regulated environment.

Julianne YOUNG is a Solid Fiscal Conservative

Our family has made it a priority to be financially self-reliant. We are debt-free and regularly save for a rainy day. We should be able to expect our government to do the same. I also understand that a lack of fiscal self-reliance in our state translates into more federal regulation and a greater financial burden in the long-term.

As your state representative, I am committed to ensuring that fiscal decisions and commitments are fiscally sound and preserve the ability of state government to genuinely represent the interests of Idahoans, now and in the future.

Julianne YOUNG Honors Her Oath of Office

I love the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe that it was inspired by God and that His hand was in the establishment of our nation. The Constitution is the answer to many of the problems we struggle with. If we study it and apply it, it will be a great blessing to us.

I have been heavily involved in grass-roots efforts to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution. Over the last decade, I have become an avid student of the Constitution and have invested hundreds of hours in planning Constitution classes, rallies, and day camps, preparing editorial columns and presentations on Constitution-related topics, and advocating the exercise of Constitutionally-defined government powers.

When I raise my arm to the square and take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Idaho State and United States Constitutions, I will understand and honor that oath.

Julianne YOUNG Understands the Importance of the First Amendment

As America’s first freedom, I understand that religious liberty is about more than ‘freedom to worship’ on Sunday and in the privacy of our homes. It is about our right and ability to live according to our religious beliefs, and to make decisions and express opinions, in the public square and in our employment, that are informed by our religious convictions. I also understand that religious liberty and freedom of speech are interdependent. We cannot have one without the other.

As your state representative, I will oppose efforts to intimidate or silence religiously informed opinions and will defend the right of all Idahoans to make decisions that are consistent with their religious values.

Julianne YOUNG Supports Patient Privacy and Choice in Medical Care Options

My father is a retired family practice doctor who began private practice in the Blackfoot area 35 years ago. He has always centered his practice on meeting the unique needs of his patients as individuals. Consequently, I understand that government regulation in medical care has real consequences for real people.

I am committed to protecting patient choice and patient privacy in health care and to resisting efforts to consolidate
government control over health care. I will support efforts to protect private and innovative medical care options.

Hot Issues


Right to Repair Bill

House Bill 452, the Right to Repair Act,  came to us at the very end of the session with serious issues acknowledged by the bill’s sponsor, including a government mandate on private business and constitutional patent issues. No one in the committee even suggested the bill go to the floor for a vote and a solid majority of the committee (including myself) voted to send the bill to General Orders to be amended, hopefully to come back in a future session. My opposition misrepresents this vote as if it was somehow an anti-farmer vote. I support farmers’ right to repair their own equipment! And, I want to do it in a way that protects the free market.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Bill

Current Idaho law mandates that anyone who suspects child abuse report that abuse and assigns a criminal penalty as a misdemeanor for failure to do so. There are some issues with this requirement, one of which is the freedom of speech. This criminal penalty compels speech. Individuals aren’t required to to testify even against themselves, which is why someone may say ‘I plead the fifth’. This penalty has never been enforced, and I believe that individuals who choose to report child abuse should do so because they believe it is the best way to benefit the child involved. I joined 25 other conservative republicans to support removing the penalty from this section of state code.

The Vape Bill (Regulations on Inhalants)

House Bill 538 placed additional regulations on businesses that sell vape products. It was marketed as an attempt to make it illegal for minors to vape, but this is already illegal and enforceable using the same sting operations that are used to prevent the sale of cigarettes. The bill added additional regulations, had definitional issues, and did nothing in terms of really making it illegal for minors to vape. 32 House Republicans, including myself, opposed this bill, but a minority of Republicans joined the Democrats to pass it anyway.

Raising Starting Teacher Pay Bill

House Bill 153 increased teacher pay, but only for beginning teachers. I voted against this bill on the principle that if we are to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, those taxpayer dollars should be used to reward teachers who stay for a long time and contribute to our school districts and classrooms. I don’t think it’s right to create a situation where new teachers are getting paid more than their peers who have stayed and contributed for much longer.

Medical Debt Collection Fees Bill

House Bill 515, the mis-named ‘Patient Protection’ act, didn’t actually do anything to reduce costs for patients but instead added a significant regulatory burden to health care providers and undermined the ability of medical providers to collect payments from patients who owe a bill and repeatedly refuse to pay it.
I will gladly supported legislation that uses free market principles to reduce regulation and costs, or increases up front transparency for patients. Unfortunately, this bill did neither of those things. Instead, it created new rules that make it more difficult for medical providers to collect payments from those who do not pay their bills. Adding burdensome regulation, interfering with the market, and undermining the due process rights of medical providers is not the right way to solve this problem! The end results of this bill will be that providers will be less willing to extend credit and those who DO pay their bills will end up picking up the slack for those who don’t.

The Vital Statistics Bill

When I first got to the legislature I was surprised to find that biological sex as a fact was being erased in Idaho and many people told me nothing could be done about it. After careful study, we reached the conclusion that having accurate records was vital for the state of Idaho, and for Idaho citizens who live by policies affected by these statistics. I sponsored House Bill 509, which required the accurate reporting of biological sex on Idaho birth certificates, and after immense support in the legislature it was signed into law by Idaho’s governor. The media reported the bill was declared ‘unconstitutional’, but in reality a lower-court judge has simply delayed the implementation of the new law by extending an old 2018 order. The State of Idaho is currently considering their legal options. I’m proud to take a stand on this important issue that is so critical for individuals and families here in Idaho.

COVID Liability Bill - Idaho's Special Session

Idaho’s Special Session was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had so far! I had the opportunity to sponsor the bill that was the center of the entire session and addressed the concerns of schools, businesses, churches, and others throughout the state who were worried that as they tried to open up they would be hit with a frivolous lawsuit because somebody involved in their activities got COVID-19. This was a difficult issue because the public was frustrated with regulation and the lack of government accountability. After a great deal of research, public input, and coordination with other elected officials,  I was able to bring a solution to the table that addressed the concerns of all involved and see that legislation pass through both the House and Senate. It has been a pleasure to see Idaho farms, businesses, schools, and churches up and running without concern about these frivolous lawsuits.


What is the Freedom First Society?

Accusations of being a ‘wacky’ ‘global conspiracy theorist’ hold no weight in the face of facts. The Freedom First Society is a national organization whose mission is to support and preserve the United States Constitution. They do not advocate for or promote specific conspiracy ‘theories’, instead, Freedom First Society is concerned about international and non-governmental efforts that undermine national sovereignty and constitutional liberty. A great example of this is the European Union and what has happened to the sovereignty of many European nations that participated in that. I have supported the local chapter of Freedom First Society and I’m proud to stand up for the United States Constitution. I believe America should remain free, strong, and independent.

What is your stance on property taxes?

Government has grown at 2.5x the rate of our economy over the last 20 years! I have supported reforms to our property tax system and efforts to ensure that voters have an opportunity to support or oppose the taxes that they will be paying. I ran as a fiscal conservative and stood with a supermajority (2/3) of the Idaho house this last session to freeze the increase of property taxes and send a strong message to our taxing districts that Idaho taxpayers need a change! Unfortunately, the bill was defeated in the Senate. Some are offended that I voted against raising your taxes! If elected representatives are to be blackballed for refusing to increase taxes, it’s no wonder our tax burden keeps climbing. You can count on me to continue to advocate for fiscal conservative policy.

Do you support Idaho farmers?

Absolutely, and my record proves it! The Farm Bureau puts together a scorecard that shows how legislators have voted on issues important to farmers. My score was a 100%. I’ve also been honored to receive the Farm Bureau ‘Friend of Agriculture’ award and the Food Producers ‘Ag All-Star Award’. I’m proud to support Idaho agriculture!

What is the Idaho Freedom Foundation?

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is an independent think tank that scores bills based on common sense conservative values and questions, like: ‘does this grow government?’ and ‘does it increase taxes?’. Those scores are then reflected in a scorecard that shows voters how someone has voted over time. They have received quite a bit of negative attention from Democrats and other liberal-leaning organizations and news media. Personally, I think they draw this kind of attention because they are effective at making government more transparent and helping voters see how elected officials are voting. The IFF doesn’t have membership and has no control over anyone’s vote. They also aren’t the only organization that creates scorecards. The Farm Bureau, the Water Users’ Association, the American Conservative Union, the NRA, and the Second Amendment Alliance also have scorecards, just to name a few. I’m please to report that all of these scorecards show that I have a strong conservative record for standing up for second amendment rights, for conservative policies, smaller government, and the concerns of our agricultural community.

Farm Bureau
✓ 100% Score

Water Users’ Association
✓ 100% Score

Second Amendment Alliance
✓ 100% Score

American Conservative Union
✓ Award for Conservative Excellence

Idaho Freedom Foundation
✓ ‘A’ Score

✓ Endorsed ‘A’ Score

Family Policy Alliance
✓ Endorsed

Idaho Chooses Life
✓ Endorsed

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